August 5, 2009
Volume 2, Issue 2

Feature Article

Are Your Friends Good or Evil?


Summer's most anticipated deception party game is finally here! Are You the Traitor? is available now at your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) or at our webstore.

It's the moment of truth in your quest to destroy the Evil magic Key. Your band of adventurers faces two Wizards: an Evil Wizard who wants to use the key to unlock evil powers, and the Good Wizard who has the ability to destroy it. The problem is, the Evil Wizard has disguised himself to look exactly like the Good Wizard, so who do you give the Key to? Choose quickly: one of your trusted Guards is secretly a Traitor - and next round that Traitor might be you!

Andy has been a long time fan of Werewolf and other similar party games, but there are things about the game he finds frustrating... so he designed an all new deception party game that includes many exciting improvements to the dynamics of the game play! First, the scalable storyline lends itself to smaller groups of 4-10 players. Most importantly, elimination has been eliminated! Every player stays in the game until a single player wins. The good and evil teams change each round as character roles are dealt to players. Treasure cards are given to the winning team each round. The game ends when someone wins by collecting, and managing to hold onto, 10 treasure points.

Pick up your copy and start playing to find out if your friends are good or evil. Please look for a game store near you using our store locater:, or if you must shop online, visit our webstore.

Please check out lots of great Tips & Strategies for Traitor at our web site, and also check out this YouTube video showing a round of the game in progress!

Coming Soon from Looney Labs - Aquarius!

Can you bluff your way to the 7th connection? Kids love the colorful design, fast play, and familiar matching strategy. Adults love the game's competitive edge. It's the perfect family card game. Deal the cards and plan your move, but don't get too comfortable - you may get zapped!

Aquarius is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in style with all new packaging, updated card design, a fun new type of element card and a new action card! The deck has gone from 60 cards to 80 cards and we even added a set of alternate rules for preschoolers. This reprint has been highly anticipated, and goes on sale August 28th - but you can play with a demo deck NOW at your friendly local game store! If they don't have a copy yet, let them know Demo Kits are available from their favorite distributor. The demo kits include an awesome new Fluxx promo card for stores to give out - celebrating the launch of Aquarius - ask for your free copy from your local game store today!

We will start taking pre-orders at our web site next week - but please place your pre-order with your local game store if you have a store in your neighborhood that sells our games!

Trivia Question

The Platinum Pyramids treasure card in Are You the Traitor? is clearly making reference to Icehouse pyramids. What other classic game treasure is this card a reference to?

Scroll down to see the answer.

Ask Andy

Q: In Aquarius, when you play a card that connects two different elements at once, do you get any sort of bonus?

Andy's answer: "For the past 10+ years, I've been saying that you get "Style Points" when you do that, but of course, those aren't actually worth anything. However, Aquarius 2.0 will introduce a new rule called "Multi-Connection Bonuses". Henceforth, when you play a card that simultaneously connects two different elements, you'll get to draw an extra card! Note that this bonus is only for connecting multiple elements at once -- making a double-connection of the same element still gets you nothing but Style Points. (Speaking of Style Points, that also continues to be the only reward for making the rainbows on air panels connect, but those particular Style Points will be even more satisfying in Aquarius 2.0, thanks to an artwork upgrade we call Rainbow Optimization.)"

Survey of the Month

How often do you shop at your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) ?

Take the Survey! We'll post the results in our next newsletter.

Results of Last Issue's Survey

Our question last time was: What Do You Like Best About Fluxx 4.0?

The winner was: The new color artwork - 22.8%

Here are the results of the 92 votes cast:

  1. The new color artwork - 22.8%
  2. The new rule, "You Also Need a Baked Potato" - 9.8%
  3. The Creeper versions of War, Death, and Taxes - 9.8%
  4. The Meta Rule, "Rules Escalation" - 8.7%
  5. The new Goals and Keepers including "The Cosmos" - 7.6%
  6. The new box - 5.4%
  7. The new rules sheet - 0.0%

Trivia Question Answer

In the original Colossal Cave text adventure computer game, the treasure you found when you got into the Dark Room (NE of the Plover Room) was a Platinum Pyramid, described as being "8 inches on a side!"

Thanks for Playing Looney Labs Games!