Job Title: Operations Specialist 
The job entails learning all the operational aspects (inventory, office, IT, contracts, support) of our small 6 person publishing company and performing many of these duties while documenting new procedures and maintaining/updating our company procedures manual on the company wiki. Looney Labs is physically located in College Park, Maryland (just inside the DC Metro beltway) and although the job can mostly be performed remotely, being driving distance from the office is an advantage.     
Salary range $45k-$65k, depending on experience, possibly a bit more for the absolutely perfect applicant. 
Skills needed: Detail-oriented, technically savvy, able to write crisp clear instructions, self-starter, great communicator, a love for organizing everything, and no fear of spreadsheets. A working knowledge of all business areas (operations, production, sales, marketing, shipping, accounting) is a big plus, but how we currently do everything will be taught. We prefer someone who is a fan of our games but NOT a game designer-wannabe. Because we are a small team applicants must be willing to wear many hats and be both a self-starter and team-oriented. This position is an integral part of our operation and has room for advancement including a COO level opportunity. 
If you are SURE you are a great fit and want to apply for this job, please email with your resume AND a cover letter telling us why you are the person that we should hire.
More thoughts from our CEO Kristin Looney... 
“Hey Kristin, what did you do on your 2-year COVID Staycation? Or maybe we should call it a WorkAtHomeAthon?” 
To answer...  over the last 2 years of not traveling to events, I have been hard at work completely streamlining and simplifying our business systems and revamping the software systems our team of 6 uses to run Looney Labs. We moved our warehouse, and all that goes into tracking the fulfillment of product, and launched a shiny new (consumer / retailer) webstore. We have moved out of Netsuite (a sophisticated business management system which we have been using for the last 16 years) and migrated into a combination of QuickBooks/Shopify/HubSpot. Actually, we are still working on the HubSpot CRM part, and we have a big documentation job underway taking our often verbose company wiki filled with decades of detailed process and procedure instructions into a new wiki that outlines the new simpler ways we do everything. 
Our long-time Operations Manager found an opportunity she couldn't pass up, and is moving on to help run another company, with nothing but positive feelings on both sides. It is unfortunate, but actually this gives us an opportunity to bring in an employee with a different skill set to help us finish moving into HubSpot, help us fine tune more of our operations, and really finish the new wiki instead of continuing to work on it forever. We just hired a contract bookkeeper to work with our contract CFO to take on all the bookkeeping sides of the departing employees job, so now we can hire for someone who can wear an extra hat: someone who can do the inventory/office/IT/contracts parts of the operations job but also has the desire to streamline and make things better and can help the executive team finish and document the new process/system changes. 
So, we want to hire someone who will learn and do all the various operational aspects of the company, AND also has the mindset and skillset to help improve these processes and document everything beautifully. This person might then be happy running these operational aspects for years to come, or might be of a mindset of needing/wanting new challenges - either is an option, as for the right person, advancement to COO is absolutely on the table. Looney Labs has been in business for 25 years and has a large catalog of successful titles, all designed by one guy, Andrew Looney, my husband and co-founder. We hope to grow old being The Looneys, promoting our delightful line of fun games, while our employees take on more and more of the day to day operational side of all the things.
We are looking forward to adding a new employee to our team!