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Just Desserts

The Card Game of Serving Sweets!

Looney Labs has created a sweet card game all about serving some very picky guests. No soup, no salad, no entree... it's just desserts! Compete with your fellow waiters to serve guests their favorite goodies before someone else gets to them first. With a kitchen full of mouth-watering offerings, and the cafe filling up with customers, you'll have your hands full making sure everyone gets their just desserts.

5-30 minutes
8 – Adult

Game Play

The guests are here and they are hungry! Serve them their favorite sweets in this delicious game of dishing desserts. Be the best waiter at the cafe, and make sure all the guests get their Just Desserts!



Just Coffee Expansion: Just Desserts, Looney Labs' hit game of serving sweets, amps up the energy with ten new caffeinated cards. Just Coffee features six new edibles, from Tiramisu to Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, and four new customers including the shaky but very enthusiastic Mr. Jitters. This 10-card expansion proves that sometimes the best thing to have with your Just Desserts is Just Coffee!

Card List:

  • New Desserts: Cup of Coffee; Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans; Tiramisu; Coffee With a Donut; Mocha Cheesecake; and Coffee Ice Cream
  • New Characters: Doctor Coffee; Mr. Jitters; The Movie Star; and The Conceptual Artist


Better with Bacon ExpansionEverything is Better with Bacon, even Just Desserts! Looney Labs' hit game of serving sweets brings a little savory into the mix with this 10-card expansion pack. Better with Bacon features six new edibles and four new customers. This expansion proves that Just Desserts is definitely Better with Bacon!

Card List

  • New Edibles: Bacon Chip Cookies; Maple Bacon Donuts; Chocolate Dipped Bacon; Bacon Ice Cream; Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes; and Candied Bacon
  • New Characters: Abraham Bacon; The Vegetarian; The Farmer; and Kevin



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Just Desserts by Looney Labs

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