Early American Chrononauts

Revolutionize Time-Travel!
What would have happened if the Boston Tea Party had been prevented, or the Alamo had been abandoned and razed before the Mexican army surrounded  it? What if Maryland had joined the Confederacy… would the South have won the Civil War?  Fortify yourself with a slice of Marie Antoinette's Cake, or a bite of General Tso's Chicken, and hop into your Super Deluxe Time Machine to start finding out the answers to these questions and more, in Early American Chrononauts!
1 – 6
20 – 45 minutes
11 – Adult

Game Play

In this game, you are a Time Traveler, with a Secret Mission, a Secret Identity, and a very important job to do: Paradox Repair. You can win by fixing enough Paradoxes, gathering up the three rare and amazing Artifacts listed on your Mission card, or adjusting history in the three ways necessary to allow your character to return to the alternate reality from which he or she originally came. The constant changing of history is tracked by a special layout of 32 cards, called the TimeLine, which functions rather like a gameboard. The three ways to win provide for several different plotlines and layers of action, but you can also split the game up into two less complicated games: Solonauts (The Solitaire Game of Changing History) and Artifaxx (The Fluxx-style Game of Collecting Amazing Stuff).


imgMissing Artifacts Expansion (Coming to stores September 9th!)A time traveler’s work is never done. Get ready to add six new Mission cards to either (or both!) versions of Chrononauts! These new Missions will send you through time in search of missing treasures like one of the lost Fabergé Eggs, D.B. Cooper’s suitcase full of money, a gemstone from Mars, and even the Holy Grail itself, but make sure you choose the right one! The 18-card expansion even includes a couple of powerful new gadgets: the Reality Shifter and the Temporal Stabilizer!

Missing Artifacts Card List:

  • Artifacts: Live Silphium Plant; Fully Functional Antikythera Mechanism; The Holy Grail; The Schmoly Grail; Cooper's Cash; Great Pyramid Construction Papyrus; Mars Gemstone; Lost Fabergé Egg; Throk-Trak Statuette 
  • Missions: Founder's Day; Cash and Prizes; Pyramid Schemes; Exotic
    Flora and Fauna; Back to the Bible; Lost Technologies
  • Gadgets: Paradox Stabilizer; Reality Shifter
  • Action: Sell an Artifact


Early American Chrononauts - Sample Game

Solonauts - Sample Game