We started shipping Aquarius 3.0 in early 2021, but many stores will still have Aquaius 2.0 for years to come. Both versions are great, and the rules for the awesome new pre-school varients that come in the new version can be played with the cards in 2.0 - just print out the new rulesheet!  Andy wrote about the changes for 3.0 on his blog.


The Card Game of Elemental Connections!

Aquarius, the Looney Labs game of elemental connections, is one of our longest-running titles! Kids love the colorful design, fast play, and familiar matching strategy. Adults love the game's competitive edge. It's the perfect family card game. Players take turns playing element cards, trying to get seven connected of their secret goal element. But look out for special actions that might change your goal, give your entire hand to someone else, or otherwise upset your well-laid plans!

10-30 minutes

Game Play

Each player is given a secret goal card of one of the five elements. Element cards are played on the table connected like dominoes, with each player trying to win by connecting seven panels of their goal. Action cards allow players to shake up the action in six different ways. The game is fast, fun, colorful, and easy to learn - with enough bluffing and strategy to keep adults engaged. Preschooler variations included for children as young as 3 years!


Aquarius - Sample Game