Criteria for Media

Media Info Submission Form


Looney Labs is still a pretty small company. Unfortunately, this means we cannot offer free review copies to everyone who asks. In view of this, we must consider certain factors, not all of which are even under your control. For example, we rarely ship review copies internationally, mostly because of the cost, but sometimes because we do not have the resources to adequately evaluate your content.

These are the things we think about when considering inclusion on the Looney Labs media lists. If we say no, please don't take it personally, we get a lot of requests and can only send out so many review copies!


Location / Market
  • Cost of shipping review copies
  • Our ability to evaluate your content & market
Level of establishment
  • Length of history or number of posts, editions, or episodes
  • Frequency of production
  • Size of audience reached
Appropriateness of product mix, content focus, or audience for our games
  • Appropriately focused (not overly broad)
  • Previous inclusion of tabletop games
  • Presence of other related product content
Polish / Presentation
  • Adequate understanding and analysis of products reviewed
  • Grammar / spelling
  • Quality of images / video / layout style
  • Length of reviews / effort

Site Considerations:

  • Ease of site navigation
  • Ability to link directly to the review (permanent URL)
  • Ability to search site for specific reviews, or find them via sensible organizational system



Thank you for understanding that we can't send every media outlet free review copies!