Chrono-Trek Card List

The Timeline (36 double-sided cards)

A1: 3.5 BYA - Life on Earth Begins
3.5 BYA' - Life Doesn't Find a Way
A21930 - Edith Keeler Killed by Car
      1930' - Edith Keeler Almost Dies
A31945 - Allied Forces Win Earth's WW2
      1945' - Nazi Forces Win Earth's WW2
A4: 1947 - Ferengi Ship Crashes at Roswell
      1947' - Ferengi Land at Roswell
A51968 - Astronauts Orbit Moon
      1968' - First Eugenics War Begins
A6: 2004 - Xindi Poison Plot Foiled
      2004' - Detroit Wiped Out by Plague
A7: 2024 - Bell Riots
      2024' - Protests Suppressed
A8: 2053 - WW3 Cease-Fire Agreement
      2053' - Earth United
A9: 2063a - First Warp Drive Flight
      2063a' - Cochrane Flight Fails
B12063b - Earth's First Contact with Vulcans
       2063b' - Earth Still Ignored by Vulcans
B22103 - Mars Colony Established
       2103' - Devron Anomaly is Massive
B32153 - Archer Cured of Amnesia
       2153' - Archer Infected by Brain Parasites
B42154 - Xindi Weapon Destoryed
       2154' - Xindi War Continues
B52161 - Federation Founded
       2161' - Confederacy of Star Allies Founded
B6: 2237 - Spock Survives Kahs-Wan Ordeal
       2237' - Spock Dies as a Child
B7: 2257 - Kirk Rigs Kobayashi Maru
       2257' - Kirk Expelled from Starfleet Academy
B82267 - Doomsday Machine Destroyed
       2267' - Doomsday Machine Destroys Rigel
B9: 2268 - K-7 Station Overrun with Tribbles
       2368' - Bomb Damages K-7 Station
C1: 2289 - Tribble Homeworld Annihilated
2289' - Tribble Homeworld Purchased
C22293 - Khitomer Accords Signed
       2293' - Klingons Remain Hostile
C32319 - Cardassians Begin Bajor Occupation
       2319' - Devron Anomaly is Now Big
C4: 2327 - Cadet Picard Stabbed
       2327' - Cadet Picard Avoids Bar Brawl 
C52344 - Enterprise-C Destroyed
       2344' - Enterprise-C Retreats
C6: 2361 - Quark Opens Bar on Terok Nor
       2361' - Grand Nagus Quark Buys Terok Nor
C7: 2364a - Picard Takes Command
       2364a' - Jr. Lt. Picard. Assigned to Enterprise-D
C82364b - Enterprise-D Encounters Enterprise-C
       2364b' - War with Klingons Continues
C9: 2365 - First Contact with the Borg
       2365' - Borg Remain Unaware of Humanity
D1: 2366 - The Battle of Wolf 359
2366' - Riker Takes Command of the Melbourne
D22069a - Sisko Takes Over DS9
       2069a' - Sisko Turns Down DS9 Assignment
D32069b - Sisko and Dax Discover Wormhole
       2069b' - Bajorans Still Await Arrival of the Emissary
D4: 2370 - All Quiet in the Neutral Zone
       2370' - Enterprise-D Encounters Devron Anomaly
D52371 - Voyager Gets Stranded
       2371' - Voyager Stays Home
D6: 2375 - Dominion War Ends
       2375' - Federation Civil War
D72378 Voyager Evades Borg
       2378' - Voyager Steals Borg Technology
D82394 - Voyager Returns After 23 Years
       2394' - Borg Destroyed by Voyager
D92395 - Temporal Anomaly Has Not Yet Begun
       2395' - Anti-Time Disruption at the Devron System

IDs (32 cards)

James T. Kirk
Arne Darvin
Khan Noonien Singh 
Cyrano Jones
Gary Seven
Holographic Doctor
Tasha Yar
Admiral Leyton
Younger Janeway
Older Janeway
Mr. Spock
Berlinghoff Rasmussen
Dr. Phlox
Evil Mr. Spock
Emperor Kor
The Founders
Dr. Leonard McCoy
Evil Energy Being
The Xindi
The Romulans
The Borg
Jean-Luc Picard
Johnathan Archer
Benjamin Sisko
Jadzia Dax
Seven of Nine

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Fractures (11 cards)

A51968'' - Atomic Wars Scorch the Earth
A62004'' - Pandemic Terminates Human Race
A82053'' - Terran Empire Founded
B12063b'' - Earth Assimilated by the Borg
B42154'' - Xindi Weapon Demolishes Earth
B52161'' - The Stars Go to War
B82267'' - Doomsday Machine Destroys Earth
C12289'' - Whaleship Blasts Earth
C22293'' - Klingons Conquer Earth
D12366'' - Federation Assimilated by the Borg

D62375'' - Federation Conquered by the Dominion

Assignments (10 cards)

Data's Quarters
Time is Money
Ready to Beam Down
Starfleet Pets
Juice and Ale
Time Machines
Extinct Creatures
Clip-On Accessories
A Toast to the Captain!
Mementos of the Captain

Artifacts (16 cards)

Humpback Whales
Mobile Emitter
Janeway's Favorite Coffee Cup
Romulan Ale
Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Prune Juice
Guardian of Forever
The Orb of Time
Data's Head
1,000 Bars of Gold-Pressed Latinum

Inverters (12 cards)

Department of Temporal Investigations
Chrono Deflector
Temporal Conduit
Slingshot Effect
Transporter Malfunction
Q Snaps His Fingers
Temporal Rift
Time Pod
Timeship Relativity
Timeship Aeon
Daniels Sent Me

Actions (30 cards)

Get There First (x3)
Chrono Transporter (x3)
Orders from the Future (x3)
Dimension Decoder (x2)
Mind Meld (x2)
Vent the Warp Core (x2)
Discontinuity (x2)
Swap Artifacts
It Never Existed
Time Vortex
Hitch a Ride
Your Parents Never Met
Phase 1 Search
Trade Hands
Short Range Scan
Static Warpshell Collapses Anomaly
Relinquish Temporal Contraband: Beverage
Relinquish Temporal Contraband: Lifeform
Relinquish Temporal Contraband: Relic
Relinquish Temporal Contraband: Tech

Power Actions 14 cards)

Rewind (x5)
Quick Trip Into the Future (x3)
Memo from Your Future Self (x3)
Time Loop
Invitation to Join the Q
Warp Factor 3

Events (7 cards)

Devron Anomaly Expands (x4)
Temporal Cold War Heats Up
Fractures Happen
Krenim Incursion

Fracture Keys Cards (double-sided)

This makes a total of 172 cards in the box. A rulesheet is also included.