Character Additions to Are You A Werewolf?

The new edition of Are You a Werewolf? features new packaging and a third Werewolf, but did you know you can add characters too? 

Over the years, quite a few new character ideas have been developed. While we are huge fans of the basic game, we definitely understand the desire to experiment with new characters. So, three blank cards have been added to the set so you can choose additional characters that your group likes best!

Extensive lists of character ideas can be found on the internet, a good place to start is at Zarf's Werewolf page and the Wikipedia entry for the original game, Mafia. 

But we wanted to recommend our favorites here at the Lab:

  • The Vigilante: At night, the moderator also wakes the Vigilante, who may choose to kill another player.
  • The Protector: At night, the moderator also wakes the Protector, who designates a player who cannot that night be killed.
  • The Apprentice Seer: The Apprentice does nothing unless the seer is eliminated, but in that case this player becomes the Seer during the next night.
  • The Lovers: Two players each get a card labeled, "Lover." During the first night, the moderator wakes them so that they can find out who they are partnered with. Thereafter, as soon as one of the Lovers is killed, the other also dies instantly due to heartbreak.

To add all of these characters at once, turn the three blank cards into a Vigilante, a Protector and an Apprentice Seer using a black permanent marker. Then, use a red permanent marker to add heart symbols to two Villager cards, for the Lovers.