3rd Party Amazon MAP Policy



In order to protect our brand value, it is our policy NOT TO SELL OUR GAMES to any company who lists them on the 3rd Party Amazon marketplace for anything less than our suggested retail price. 


If we find that you are listing our games on Amazon at a lower price, we will contact you and offer to take a return on any product you have on hand that is not selling well for you in your store. If you continue to list our games on Amazon at a price lower than our MSRP we will instruct our distributors to stop selling our games to you. This full MSRP policy currently applies only to the Amazon 3rd party marketplace.

Current List of the MSRP of Looney Labs Products



Looney Laboratories, Inc. d/b/a Looney Labs (“Looney Labs”) has unilaterally adopted this Third Party Amazon Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (“3PAMAPP”) effective April 1, 2023, applicable to its Customers’ advertising of Looney Labs products on the Amazon Marketplace. A “Customer” is any entity that purchases Looney Labs products, including but not limited to any distributor, dealer, retailer, or any other party which “resells” Looney Labs products. Looney Labs believes that by unilaterally imposing restrictions on the minimum prices advertised by our distribution and retail partners on Amazon.com, we can reduce counterfeiting and enhance the perceived value of the Looney Labs brand, which serves the best interests of our consumers, retailers, and distributors.

1. NO RESTRICTION ON PRICING. This policy does not in any way restrict our Customers’ selling price. Our Customers may sell any or all Looney Labs products, including the products subject to this 3PAMAPP (each individually a “3PAMAPP Product”), at any price they choose.

2. THIRD PARTY AMAZON MAP POLICY. To comply with this 3PAMAPP, Customers must not advertise or otherwise promote Looney Labs products on the Amazon Marketplace at a Net Advertised Price lower than the SRP set forth on the Looney Labs 3PAMAPP Price List (“3PAMAPP Price”). For the purposes of this Policy, “Net Advertised Price” means the stated advertised price reduced by the value of any associated discount, coupon, frequent buyer points, allowance, or incentive (whether in the form of a special event, promotion, term of doing business or otherwise) that translates into an immediate price reduction, where the cumulative effect would be to reduce the advertised price of any 3PAMAPP Product.

A Customer violates this 3PAMAPP if it advertises or otherwise promotes Looney Labs products below the 3PAMAPP Price on the Amazon Marketplace or resells 3PAMAPP Products to sellers whose Amazon Marketplace advertised prices do not comply with this 3PAMAPP. Looney Labs reserves the right to exercise all remedies set forth in this 3PAMAPP against any Looney Labs distributor or reseller whose advertised prices do not comply with this 3PAMAPP.

3. SCOPE. The AMAPP applies to all forms of advertisements of Looney Labs products on the Amazon Marketplace in any and all media. The 3PAMAPP is not applicable to advertising strictly related to electronic sales on other platforms, wholesale sales by authorized Looney Labs distributors, or any in-store advertising of brick and mortar retailers.

4.  PROMOTIONS. The 3PAMAPP applies to the use of discount marketing language that has the effect of advertising the product outside of the 3PAMAPP Price, whether because product is advertised as being "free", "2 for 1", "Buy 1—Get 1 Free," or similar language. If Looney Labs products are bundled with or sold as part of a package that includes other products (whether or not produced by Looney Labs), it shall be a violation of this 3PAMAPP to sell or advertise the bundle (or package) at a price that: (a) is lower than the total 3PAMAPP Price of the Looney Labs product(s) or (b) violates the letter or spirit of the 3PAMAPP.

5.  ADVERTISING. This 3PAMAPP does not prohibit Customers from otherwise using advertising language such as: “call for price,” “will meet or beat any competitor’s price,” “guaranteed lowest price,” or other similar language as long as the actual advertised price is compliant with this 3PAMAPP.

6. REMEDIES. Looney Labs reserves the right in its sole discretion to take such action as it deems necessary and reasonable to assure compliance with this 3PAMAPP. Any violation of this 3PAMAPP may result in a letter of warning, a request for return of products, termination of a Customer’s right to purchase Looney Labs products, suspension of payment terms, acceleration of payment obligations, elimination of discounts, and/or exclusion of participation in all special programs until further notice.

7. CONSTRUCTION. No policy can cover every possible scenario or situation that might arise. Accordingly, this 3PAMAPP shall be applied and interpreted by Looney Labs in its sole and reasonable discretion to address actions designed to thwart the spirit of this 3PAMAPP that may not absolutely violate the ambit of the language herein.

8. NO NEGOTIATION. Looney Labs has adopted this 3PAMAPP unilaterally and neither seeks nor accepts any input, confirmation, or assurance of compliance by its Customers with respect to this 3PAMAPP. Looney Labs will not discuss or negotiate any of the terms of this 3PAMAPP. Nothing in this 3PAMAPP shall constitute an agreement between Looney Labs and any of its Customers that obligates the Customer to comply with this 3PAMAPP. All matters of the interpretation and application of the terms of this 3PAMAPP shall remain within the sole, unilateral authority of Looney Labs. Please direct any questions regarding this 3PAMAPP to retailers@looneylabs.com.  

9. POLICY UPDATES & PRICE LIST. Looney Labs reserves the right to amend, suspend, or modify the terms of this 3PAMAPP at any time in its sole discretion.