Monster Fluxx

It's Frightfully Fun!
Monster Fluxx coming to Target this fall!
Available exclusively at Target stores, this new version of Fluxx has been designed specifically for the mass market. Packaged in a tuck box (not our standard 2 part box) and simplified to contain only the four basic card types (Keeper, Goal, New Rule, and Action), Monster Fluxx will bring a monster themed Fluxx to the mass market, while keeping the fun and complexity of Creepers for Zombie Fluxx which is still sold exclusively in game, toy, book, and specialty stores. Not only does Monster Fluxx feature zombies, but it includes vampires, skeletons, an angry mob of villagers, and even big foot - all in a simple, easy, version of Fluxx. Artwork by the premier monster artist, Derek Ring.
Monster Fluxx (found in Target) and Zombie Fluxx (found in game, toy, book and specialty stores) are both great monster themed versions in the Fluxx universe. For the full line of specialty versions of Fluxx, be sure to visit your favorite local neighborhood Hobby Game Store!

Game Play

Draw a card, play a card. Seems simple enough, right?

But that's when the fun starts! Fluxx features NewRule cards that change the rules of the game, Goal cards that change the object of the game and Action cards to create some chaos! Match your Keeper cards to the current Goal to win! Just when your opponents think they’ve got you beat, you change the rules and win the game!