Cadet Training in the Icehouse Academy of Starship Captains


So you've been introduced to Looney Pyramids and heard about Cadet Training. That's awesome! But now what? If you're interested in progressing to the rank of Starship Captain, here's some information that will help you. If, after reading through this page you have questions, please email

Overview: Starship Captains


Andy Looney and his friends have been playing and inventing games for these pyramids for more than 20 years! There is a huge variety of games, some are quick and easy, others require strategy and more time. There are literally hundreds of pyramid games to choose from. A fan of the Looney Pyramids, who knows how to play at least ten games, is known as a Starship Captain. And if you register as an official Starship Captain at the Looney Labs Fan Club, you will be eligible for a free membership card and the chance to buy the exclusive Icehouse Academy of Starship Captains Challenge Coin.


Cadet Training

Looney Labs has developed a Cadet Training program to help pyramid fans enlist more pyramid fans. We have an amazing group of Starship Captains that are registered as Game Technicians who regularly demo Looney Labs games, including the Looney Pyramids gaming system. These Starship Captains host training sessions to teach other Cadets to play ten pyramid games so that they too can call themselves Starship Captains. The ten games taught in the training course are all fun, easy games designed by Andy Looney, the creator of the card game Fluxx. If you love Fluxx, you should definitely try Looney Pyramids games!



Looking for Cadet Training near you? You can look for posted events on our fan club, our check out our Online Store Locator for a store near you marked with a blue pyramid as these are locations signed up to run Cadet Training in their store! You can also search our Starship Captain Roster to find pyramid fans in your area - they might know where the local fans gather to play with pyramids! 

Membership Cards


Among the rewards for becoming a registered Starship Captain is a membership card! First you must sign up for the fanclub and follow these instructions to add the official widget to your profile page to list your favorite ten pyramid games. Fill out this webform once you've completed your Cadet Training and we'll send your card! Then, keep it on hand for future Looney Labs events. You may even end up winning a neat prize. If you can't find a local group where you can sign up for training, you can download a fold-up version of the Cadet Syllabus (folding directions) and download all the rules to the ten games listed in the Syllabus.

Already a Starship Captain?

If you're already a Starship Captain and interested in demoing Looney Pyramid games and recruiting more Cadets, check out more information to get you started. 

Looney Labs sells a whole line of Looney Pyramids gaming products to give you the pyramids and accessories you need to play the hundreds of games that can be played with them. If you are just beginning, the place to start is with TreehouseIceDice and the Pyramid Primer #1. The newest Looney Pyramids game, Pink Hijinks, is hitting stores during the 2012 holiday season.