The Looney Labs Electronic Arcade


Fluxx is now available on the iPhone and iPad!   BUY NOW!

                   ... look for an Android version eventually (sorry it's not here yet!)

The following electonic versions for Looney Labs games are available for free:

  • Icebreaker: The 5-level demo versions of the long-lost Andrew Looney video game is still available for Mac or PC


Official Policy on Electronic Versions of Looney Labs Games

Updated August 2012

In 2012, Looney Labs licensed the electronic rights for its card game FLUXX to Playdek, a video game company dedicated to making tabletop games from the hobby industry available on digital platforms. Playdek and Looney Labs are looking forward to working on a digital app for Looney Pyramids after Fluxx, and hope to continue adapting additional Looney Labs card games to digital platforms for years to come.  Due to this new partnership, Looney Labs is not interested in pursuing other digital partners at this time. 

That said, Looney Labs has a long history of granting permission for fan-built computerizations of their games, and is likely to continue to do so for simple or obscure games that will not compete with these new Playdek products. If you like to program as a hobby, and want to create a freeware electronic version of a Looney Labs games, please Contact Us with details on your plans and ask for permission before anything is made available online. Your freeware game must be a faithful adaptation of the original and must include a promotion for the physical version of the Looney Labs game it represents.