Gift Certificate Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I purchase a Looney Labs gift certificate? 
You can purchase gift certificates by going to the Looney Labs webstore:
After I purchase a gift certificate, what does the recipient receive? 
When you purchase a gift certificate, enter the person's name and email address of who you are purchasing it for. You can specify any amount, and you can also include a personalized message. The recipient will get an email with a code which they can use to purchase items in our webstore. The code that they receive is just like cash - anyone can use that code and it is not tied to an account!
Do you have a physical gift certificate? 
No, we currently only offer an emailed version.
Can I customize a gift certificate? 
You can customize your gift certificate by adding a personal message to the recipient.
How do I know if a gift certificate I purchased has been emailed to the recipient? 
There are two emails that are sent to the recipient of a gift certificate. The first is sent as soon as you submit your order. This email tells the recipient that a gift certificate has been purchased for them and that a second email with the gift certificate code will be sent to them shortly. Once we charge your credit card, or if you're paying by check once we receive your check and it clears, then an email with the actual gift certificate code will be emailed to the recipient.
To check the status of your order, log into the Looney Labs webstore and go to the My Account tab. Click on the "See Orders" link to see your order history. If your order's status is "Pending Fulfillment" or "Pending Billing", then the first email has been sent to the recipient telling them a gift certificate has been purchased for them. Once your order status changes to "Billed", then a second email will be sent to the recipient. This second email contains the actual gift certificate code they can use in our webstore.
I just purchased a gift certificate for someone - can I cancel it? 
No - as soon as you purchase a gift certificate the recipient is notified via email. For that reason gift certificates themselves cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded once your order has been submitted.
Does the gift certificate expire? 
Yes, after 2 years (except if the buyer lives in California, Connecticut, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Washington, where by law the gift certificate cannot expire).
How does my gift certificate code work? 
When you receive your gift certificate email, there will be a code included. That code is what you will use in the Looney Labs webstore ( The code is just like cash - anyone can use that code and it is not tied to your account! Gift certificates are like gift cards - you can give the code to anyone, and anyone who has the gift certificate code can use it. So don't lose your gift certificate code or give it to anyone! We are not responsible for lost gift certificate codes.
How do I redeem my gift certificate? 
You can redeem your gift certificate by logging into the Looney Labs webstore ( When you checkout, enter your gift certificate code on the Payment Information page.
What products can I purchase using a gift certificate? 
You can purchase any products in the Looney Labs webstore with the gift certificate.
Can I use multiple gift certificates when making a purchase? 
Yes, you can use as many as you want.
How can I check the balance of my gift certificate account? 
Please email Customer Support from the email address that your gift certificate code was originally sent to, and we can tell you your balance. You can also see the balance when you are checking out. After you have entered the gift certificate code(s) you wish to use for your order, on the final "Review and Submit Order" page you can see the Amount Applied from the gift certificate and Balance remaining. 
Can I use a gift certificate and another form of payment when making a purchase? 
Yes, if your order exceeds the amount of the gift certificate, the balance must be paid with a credit card. You cannot use both a gift certificate and mail us a check, sorry.
Can my gift certificate be redeemed for cash? 
What if I haven't received my gift certificate code? 
If you have received an email saying a gift certificate has been purchased for you, please allow a couple days for the delivery of the email with your gift certificate code. Also be sure to check your junk and spam folders. If you haven't received your gift certificate code after several days, you can contact Customer Support.